The tattoo convention for the whole family

Tattoo FX Convention Waregem is more than just an event; it's a passion project aimed at making the tattoo world accessible to everyone. We firmly believe that tattoos are a form of art that should be celebrated and appreciated by all. Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone, regardless of background or experience, can find their place in the vibrant world of tattoos.
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What we've got for you as an artist

At Tattoo FX Convention Waregem, we are committed to showcasing the beauty and artistry of tattoos. Our convention provides a platform for both new and experienced artists to exhibit their talent and creativity. Through our event, we aim to offer visitors a comprehensive view of the diverse and fascinating world of tattoos. From traditional to contemporary styles, our convention celebrates the rich tapestry of tattoo artistry and the artists who make it possible.
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Our mission

We achieve our mission by organizing an open and inclusive tattoo convention that welcomes artists, visitors, and enthusiasts of all ages. Our convention features a variety of events and activities suitable for everyone, from tattoo enthusiasts to families looking for a fun day out. Children under 16 years of age enjoy free admission, ensuring that our event is accessible to families.

tattoo fx convention artist recognition

Artist recognition

We host a Tattoo Competition that gives participating artists the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete in various styles and categories. This competition not only recognizes their talent but also provides a platform for them to receive the appreciation they deserve. And show client's they're professionals in their business. 

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Food & Events

In addition to showcasing incredible tattoo art, we also provide a range of delicious food options at our Food Court, all at affordable prices. And we will host events like a fun-fair, different merchandise stands and activities for the whole family! 

The ideal tattoo convention

Tattoo FX Convention Waregem is more than just a convention; it's a celebration of creativity, artistry, and community. Join us as we explore the world of tattoos and celebrate the artists who bring this unique form of expression to life.